Manufacturer broadens retail network across the Atlantic

Giant branded stores debut in America

Giant’s store empire has branched out into the US, according to Bicycle Retailer.

The manufacturer’s network of Giant branded stores now includes a shop in Boston, which the firm owns, and Denver, which will be owned and operated by a retail partner.

Giant has already tested the concept out in the UK, with four stores now bearing the Giant name in Twickenham, Liverpool, Cambridge and Bristol. As with the firm’s new store in Denver, the UK stores are not Giant-owned, but operated in partnership with independent retailers.

The Giant-owned Boston store is a first for the firm.

Giant general manager Elysa Walk said: “These new store models will substantially help us become a better retail support company to our entire dealer network. We’ll learn how to best provide for our retailers by walking those same miles.”

“Giant found the Boston location, owns the store, and the staff there will be Giant employees. The Denver location is new as well, and will be owned by a retailer partner who will employ the staff.”

Walk added: “We have no plans to open additional stores that we own. However, we are looking forward to working with more retail partners within this new model.”

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