What will the future bring? Make your predictions of how the bike trade will fare in the next ten, twenty, thirty years.

Get your crystal balls out

Youve probably just had your last lunch of the century. Spooky, isnt it? Tomorrow is a whole new decade (the swinging 00s), the start of a new century and a new Millennium.

Sure, theres been a lot of hype but youd have to be the cynic of the century not to be moved by the reality of moving from the second Millennium to the third, from the 20th Century to the 21st.

In the January 2000 BikeBizNews, we make a few predictions about how we think the future will unfold for the bike trade. Please add your own thoughts too. The best will be published and credited. A posting has already been made to the bulletin board for you to record your ball gazing.

Anyway, cheers, salut, shalom, slante. Have a brilliant New Year and a prosperous and healthy Y2K.

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