'Take a Stand: How to set up a community cycling project', produced by Life Cycle UK, explains how to set up, fund, administer and monitor a community cycle parking scheme. Using the guide, small businesses, voluntary sector groups, shops, surgeries, schools and other community-focussed organisations are guided through the process of applying for two free Sheffield-type cycle parking stands.

Get two free Sheffield-stands: charity publishes ten quid cycle parking guide

Life Cycle UK’s Take a Stand scheme has operated with great success in Bristol for eight years.

Hundreds of stands have been installed and, in a follow-up study, 86 percent of recipients reported a decrease in cycle theft and 46 percent said that cycle use had increased.

Life Cycle UK’s Director, Peter Andrews, said: “Theft is a major deterrent to cycle use. An estimated 750 000 bicycles are stolen in the UK every year and most are never recovered. It’s far more than an inconvenience, it can often be the final straw: research shows that many people do not replace the bike, they simply give up cycling altogether. Our project enables people to do something practical to combat bike theft and to show that they are encouraging and supporting cycling.”

‘Take a Stand: How to set up a community cycle parking project costs £10 and is available through Life Cycle UK’s website or by phoning 0117 929 0440.


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