The Get Outdoors Act, also known as the GO Bill, will establish a multi-billion dollar trust fund to support a range of recreation, conservation, wildlife, historic preservation and park maintenance programmes. In the UK, the government is to soon announce plans for a Physical Activity white paper: walking and cycling organisations are already lobbying hard for outdoor recreation to be a key-part of the white paper's recommendations.

‘Get Outdoors’ to lose weight, argues US Congress

The Great Outdoors Act was introduced by Representatives Don Young (R-AK) and George Miller (D-CA).

SGMA International, the global business trade association of manufacturers and retailers in the sports products industry, applauds this federal bill:

"[The] bill will help improve the health and quality of life of Americans by promoting active lifestyles through recreation, sports, and fitness," said Tom Cove, SGMA’s VP of government affairs.

“This legislation will move the needle toward a long term, important goal, namely a permanent funding source to provide recreation infrastructure for all Americans. The Get Outdoors bill will address pressing funding needs for trails, parks, wild lands, ball fields, courts, and playgrounds. This bill will greatly enhance the ability of every American to engage in the recreation of their choosing.

“As our citizens come to understand the need to engage in healthy, physically active lifestyles, we must ensure all Americans have an accessible place and space to recreate. With the obesity epidemic threatening to overwhelm our health care system in the future, it is an economic imperative as well as a quality of life concern that we make it easy, safe and attractive for Americans to get off the couch and get outside."

In the UK, the government’s white paper on Physical Activity will be cross-departmental. The Department for Transport is drawing up an Active Travel Action Plan as its part of the strategy. This will include additional emphasis on walking and cycling to school.

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