By promoting Genesis from a Ridgeback category to a brand, Madison has created two marques where before there was one. The new brand is heavily into lightweight English steel.

Genesis given life of its own

Six years ago Ridgeback brought out its first flat-bar road bike. Called Genesis, these MTB-inspired bikes went on to create a genre.

Toby Howes, Ridgeback brand manager for Madison, said:

"The evolution of Genesis from category to brand for 2007 is a natural progression. We’ve come full circle."

The Genesis line-up includes alu and steel mountain bikes, a five model range of flat-bar road bikes, a drop-bar cross bike and a Reynolds steel single speed drop bar bike.

The Reynolds tubesets used include 853, 725 and 520.

The Genesis bikes are launched at the Madison trade villages at the Tour of Britain later this month. There will be more information about the bikes and the brand thinking in the September issue of Bike Biz.

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