The main horse racing body is to spend £10m over the next three years in a campaign to enthuse 18 to 35 year olds and families. Just the type of people the bike trade wants to influence too and that's why any cash raised for PR/marketing from the levy is spent carefully because it ain't going to be £10m worth

Geeing up the punters horsey style

According to Marketing Week (22nd June) the marketing group at horseracing body The Levy Board has appointed four agencies to handle its £10m three-year marketing push.

The advertising strategy will probably include TV commercials.

The plan, through the Racing & Betting Marketing Group (RBMG), stems from the British Horseracing Board’s aim to lift the sport’s appeal among 18- to 35-year-olds and families.

Marketing Week quotes Ladbroke marketing director Andy Walder saying: "At last the racing and betting industries are working together to break down the barriers preventing consumers from enjoying this sport."

(A wake up call there for the bike trade, perhaps?)

One of the key elements of the horsey strategy will be to establish an interactive central information and ticketing service, which will be available over the Internet and by phone. This will be set up by telemarketing agency Inkfish.

Such an idea for the bike trade has been mooted by Sustrans before but it never got past the planning stage. Such below-the-line work is just as important as above-the-line PR.

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