Silva - the "M.C. Escher of bikes" - was most recently the designer for Phat Cycles, the US chopper and cruiser brand. 3G Bikes is his new, Taiwan-based company. He's seeking European distributors for his bikes which he describes as on the "wildside but functional and fun."

Gary Silva to launch bike range from Taiwan

It was US custom bikes website which described Silva as the M.C. Escher of bikes, adding "…his visually-odd but functionally-right approach to frame design is [instantly] recognizable."

And anybody who has seen a Phat chopper will agree to that.

[NB M.C. Escher (1898-1972) was the Dutch graphic artist responsible for all those impossible buildings drawings and repeated geometric patterns so beloved of poster printers].

Silva’s new line of bikes, also known as GGG, will have more street bikes and commuters than the Phat line-up.

"Every thing that I design I try to make it fun and functional," Silva told

"The S-frame is design for city riding, a bike that will turn a lot of heads. The best way to describe the ride of this bike is more like a soft ride but with a nicer feel to it. This frame has been tested by the Aerospace Ind. Development Corp. and by structural engineer, Szui Lu, a bike fanatic."

The Hogg frame gives a more laid-back, recumbent-type ride.

Silva is now based in Taiwan because "it is the heart of the bike industry" and it’s "where all the R&D is being done.

Suppliers wishing to distribute G3 bikes in the UK and beyond should contact Silva by email.

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