Products never meant for sale in the UK are finding their way into the market, firm advises

Garmin warns over unauthorised resellers in the UK

Fitness and GPS tracking specialist Garmin is urging all retailers to be very wary of unauthorised resellers who are currently active in the UK selling products which were never intended for sale in the UK.

Garmin UK wants to remind retailers that Madison are an official distributor for Garmin in the UK.

Garmin products not purchased through this authorised channel will not be covered by Garmin UK in the event that the retailer needs to return the product, the firm warned.

Garmin UK said: “We work in close partnership with Madison to ensure that their retail customer network get an efficient and professional service. Garmin are committed to the UK specialist bicycle retailer network and Madison are best placed to ensure this is the case.

“Alongside this, our commitment to consumer education and aftersales service and in-store support provided by Madison, ensures the Garmin retailers get the added value, support, sales and peace of mind that is only possible when purchasing via the authorised distributor.”

With new products being launched all the time, Garmin said it was keen to ensure that Madison, the UK cycle trade and the end consumer all receive the highest level of support which is only available through the approved distribution channels.

The approved Garmin dealer network can be found on the Garmin website.

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