Fully Charged to celebrate fifth birthday this spring

Fully Charged will celebrate its fifth birthday this spring.

It has recently become a Riese and Müller Global Ambassador and has also added Bosch Expert status to its list of honours.

Ben Jaconelli, founder of Fully Charged, said: “It’s been a super exciting five years and I am incredibly proud of the team and what we have achieved. We are incredibly proud to be showcasing some of the world’s best e-bike brands and to have been recognised by the likes of Bosch and Riese and Müller for our efforts is great. As an experienced e-bike-only retailer, we’ve been one step ahead of the game for a number of years, with our knowledgeable staff able to offer expert advice on sales, test rides and technical support.”

Dan Parsons, director of operations, said: “Our customers can continue to expect the same high level of service from our knowledgeable e-bike team as before, but as Bosch e-bike experts, we now have a direct line to Bosch, more advanced training and tools to help keep our customers in the saddle.”

Having only been a Riese and Müller dealer for just over a year, Fully Charged has already earnt Ambassador status, and now plays host to the largest stock of Riese and Müller e-bikes in the UK, available for display and test rides.

Timo Gührer, Riese and Müller’s head of strategy, said: “Riese and Müller Ambassadors represent an exclusive selection of outstanding Riese and Müller dealer personalities around the globe. Fully Charged’s dedication for the e-mobility movement in general and for the Riese and Müller brand, in particular, is one of a kind.”

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