2009 product range to come with manufacturing label

Fulcrum adds traceability labels

In compliance with legislation pertaining to manufacturers and the traceability of the products they produce; Fulcrum Wheels is introducing its 2009 product range a new system of labeling products for traceability.

A small label will be affixed to each component identifying when the item was produced and the manufacturing production lot it was produced in. In the event Fulcrum discovers a manufacturing defects in the future; this will allow for swift identification of when the product was produced and what production lots are affected.

Each component sold by Fulcrum Wheels will be linked via the numeric and optical code on the label to a customer invoice. This provides for quick tracking of who the affected product has been shipped to, whether the product was intended for OEM application or after market sale, and what market the product was shipped into.

Initially the labeling and traceability will cover the new 2009 products (the new crank sets Racing Torque RRS, all following new wheels: 2way fit Racing Zero and Racing 1, wheels Cult Racing Speed and Racing Light and Racing Chrono, Red Carbon, Red Fire, Red Metal 29 XLR, Red Metal Zero red/black, Red Metal HH in all versions).

Removal of the label from the components and wheels will render the warranty null and void.

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