Harry J Friedman, the American retail sales trainer, has so far given two of his four British seminars. On Monday he was in London, on Tuesday in Birmingham. Check what this IBD has to say about what he got out of the London Friedman seminar...and then book your place at the Manchester or Leeds seminars

Friedman seminar boosts IBDs confidence

Jay Hardy won one of the four £175 tickets BikeBiz gave away last week. Admitting he was formerly sceptical of Friedmans supposed Evangelical approach to retail sales training, Hardy came away from the London seminar convinced he could put the surprisingly practical advice to good use.

I came away with an A3 jotter pad third full of notes to write up, enthused Hardy.

Harry leaves you in no uncertain doubt that what he says works, is

proven to work and if used to the full gives spectacular results.

He owns four hi-fi stores in California, two are in the top ten grossing stores per square foot in the world and the other two are inside the top

twenty five.

What the Friedman way came down to was a rigid set of commitments to

standards that were tracked, checked, cross checked and self analysed using hard factual data from the stores performance. This information then becomes tools to identify performance and lack of performance for the store and sub divisions of it right down to individual staff performance in specific areas.

Using these tools you can then take effective management decisions to either improve elements of the store and staff with clear objective goals, or to make change to eliminate problems by finding a new and better way or new and better staff.

For me the end result is that as a manager of retail staff I now feel I have a better way to run my store. I feel confident that I can instigate changes to further motivate my staff, resulting in better customer service, thus gaining better results, higher pay for everyone and more enjoyment of what we in the store do for a living day by day.

I have the tools it’s now up to me to get the job done.

As Harry said to me in a conversation after the seminar in which I expressed my horror at the amount of work I am now faced with to correctly and fully implement all I had learned he said There are no short cuts to the counter of success.

Maybe not, but I now have the map!


To book call 0202 7505 8592 or email: conferences@ebc.emap.com

The day seminars cost £175 a head and are aimed at retail managers with talks on What to do when your staffs sales drop, go up or level off and Is your store famous for its customer service culture?

More appropiate for IBD staff are the three-hour evening sessions. There will be hundreds of people at these sessions so dont expect any one-on-one tuition but for sheer inspiration, a Friedman seminar has got to be seen to be believed.

Topics covered in the 6.30-9.30pm sessions include How to close a large percentage of shoppers while adding on for bigger profits, Overcoming your customers most common objections, Demonstrations that make people say Ill take it, and Reducing buyers remorse and creating a base of customers that buy from you again and again.

The remaining courses are in Manchester (6th Nov) and Leeds (7th Nov).

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