The Independent's cover leads on cycle deaths and calls for preventative measures.

Friday’s Indie cover: “Save our cyclists”

The Independent newspaper is leading with a story based on a spate of recent deaths caused by speeding or inattentive motorists and it calls for action to prevent such killings.

"Urgent action is needed to protect cyclists from lorries and large vehicles," says the Independent cover.

It says four recent deaths have "prompted safety groups to demand increased measures to educate lorry drivers and bike users as many Britons switch to cycling. Cycling in the capital has increased by 91 per cent since 2000. 

On average, 28 cyclists are now killed in collisions with HGVs every year. 

"Advocates of cycling said that the health benefits and accident rates per mile meant the advantages of using pedal power far outweighed the risks," reports the newspaper.

Further articles are inside the newspaper and there will be follow-up articles at the weekend.

The front cover ends: "To support The Independent’s campaign for safer cycling, send your stories and suggestions to cyclists@|"

This is all a major contrast to the Independent front cover of 7th June 2006. This was headlined: "Revolution! Britain embraces the bicycle." This story also carried death stats but emphasised the safe, joyful side of cycling, as well as the boom in bike sales.

And, in 2009, there was ‘On yer bike: Why there’s never been a better time to saddle up’, subtitled ‘Want to shape up, save cash – and feel fantastic? There’s one very simple solution: start pedalling.’

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