Free battery transport information now available through cross-industry platform

LEVA-EU has joined the cross-industry platform to provide light, electric vehicle (LEV) companies with better information on the rules governing the transport of li-ion batteries.

The association, alongside Recharge, EPBA, Eurobat, PRBA, EBRA, ACEA and MDBTC, has made free content available on the requirements as set out by the United Nations, the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) and other transport regulations.

The professional transport of battery-related articles, via air, sea or road, is subject to international, national and regional regulatory frameworks, which include comprehensive administrative and operational measures to ensure the safe transport at all times, LEVA-EU said. The requirements apply to lead-, lithium-, nickel- and sodium-based batteries likewise.

“Transporting an electro-chemical article, as a prototype, final product or waste, means that specific safety measures must be applied. Failing to comply with the obligations is not just a violation of these regulations but a safety risk that our industry is not willing to accept,” said the associations. “Representing a responsible industry, we want to ensure that everyone involved in the transport of our batteries and battery-containing products has access to the applicable requirements.”

Free of charge, offers general information for shippers, transport operators and end-users. It also includes frequently asked questions and two dedicated e-books with relevant testing, packaging, labelling and reporting instructions per transport mode.

LEVA-EU manager Annick Roetynck added: “As a professional organization for LEV companies, we are fully focused on assisting our members in the application of all the rules that apply to Light Electric Vehicles. The rules regarding the transport of li-ion batteries cover an important chapter in this. A better understanding of the rules gives LEV companies easier access to the market, thereby promoting that market. That, in turn, contributes to making mobility more sustainable.”

All visitors of have access to a free online version of the e-book on lithium batteries as well as to the FAQ page. LEVA-EU members have access to the full version of the e-book and can submit specific questions to the experts of

The content is revised on a biannual basis to reflect the regular changes to the regulatory frameworks. Contact to support the initiative and for more information on LEVA-EU.

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