Studio cycling specialist spots heart anomaly.

Fox Cycling’s cardio tracker spots a client’s heart anomaly

Studio cycling specialist Fox Cycling of Bristol has revealed that its cardio tracking tech has recently spotted a client’s heart anomaly.

Fox Cycling uses iQniter heartrate tracking technology from Suunto.

"Riders match their heartrate to a pre-planned ride profile in the class. It’s been great for providing a tailored workout for each person, regardless of who is in the class, but picking up anomalies has been an unexpected bonus," said Angela Reed-Fox, a Queen’s community urse and director of Fox Cycling. 

In December, Fox Cycling advised client Richard Girling to have a medical exam following irregularties spotted while he was training.

"Riders are able to track their heartrates and other stats in real time during the session," said Reed-Fox.

"There was some trouble with Richard’s heartrate strap. We tested it but he was still getting erroneous results. ​We then lent him a strap which we knew was working perfectly – and he still was getting odd feedback.

Steve Fox, managing director of Fox Cycling, takes up the story:

"At this point I wondered if it was a cardiac concern and recommended that Richard went to the GP for a check."

During an ECG check an irregularity was confirmed and Girling was referred to hospital where he had two stents fitted in one of his arteries.

The consultant told him due to the degree of blockage in this artery and the fact that there was a kink in it too, he had been at high risk of a major heart attack.

"We had no idea,’ sasid Girling’s wife, Sue.

"If it weren’t for Fox Cycling using this cardio tracking technology, we would have only picked this up when he had a heart attack, which is frightening."

Girling is now back on the spin bike.

Fox Cycling has picked up four instances of riders having cardiac events; two of them were cases of previously undiagnosed atrial fibrillation.

"The cardio software is good for ensuring riders are safe, and get a good challenging class without putting themselves at risk but now we also know it’s good at identifying and helping prevent heart attacks."

As well as studio cycling Fox Cycling also offers balance bike training for tots, and Bikeabilityb training for older children.

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