Hamish Stewart and Geoff Lee team up to bring range of brands to UK and Irish dealers

Former Weldtite staffers form Bicyclebitz

New firm Bicyclebitz launched to the cycle trade in April and is agent for a number of brands to the UK and Ireland including Velox, Niro-Glide, Jos and Luma.

Two trade veterans with over 50 years in the industry between them – Hamish Stewart and Geoff Lee – created Bicyclebitz and now they’re looking to bring more dealers on board with the new business.

Stewart explained how the two paired up for Bicyclebitz: "Geoff Lee and I worked for Weldtite together for more than 10 years. I was the sales director for 30 years and spent most of my time latterly on overseas sales and Geoff ran most of the UK and Irish sales.

"I retired three years ago due to poor health, but I am delighted to say I am now fully recovered. Geoff left at the same time and went to work for Gelert, who were starting up a new venture for them into cycling. Sadly late last year they ran into difficulties on their outdoor and camping business and decided to consolidate that again and disposed of their cycling division.

"Geoff and I went for our annual Christmas lunch together and decided to start a joint agency in the cycle trade representing many of the companies whom we have known for many years. We visited a number of European manufacturers last February/March and began the business at the beginning of April of this year. We have some excellent agencies and of course we have known all the cycle wholesalers for many years."

Bicyclebitz is already agent for a good number of brands, including Swiss lubricant manufacturer Brunox. The firm also makes lubricants for cars and is used by the Mercedes Formula 1 team, Stewart told BikeBiz. On the bicycle side Brunox has sponsored riders throughout Europe and is one of the main sponsors for The Tour of Polgne (Poland). Products include the Brunox Turbo – a lubricating, cleaning, anti corrosion, polish and penetrating oil with its patented ingredient of Turbolene, invented by Bruno, owner of Brunox. Other lines include heavier duty lubricants like Brunox Lub and Cor.

Other brands via Bicyclebitz include German-made reflective wear brand Fasi, German quality luggage range Haberland and French/Dutch lighting maker Jos/Spanninga. Other brands include Roto, with a wide range of Italian lines including Cobra tools as well as water bottles, cages, bike repair stands trainers and much more, and Spanish pumps and lock brand Luma.

Stewart said: "Luma was once vying for brand leadership in the UK with Zefal of France. Latterly it has not been so active here but is now back with a vengeance."

Also up from Bicyclebitz are VB Niro Glide stainless steel cables and Brunox impregnated cables with aluminium outer casings which are half the weight of normal casings. VB is also in the car business and started life making the cables for all the German car manufacturers including the Mercedes F1 team.

Finally, there is handlebar and rim tape manufacturer Velox, producing puncture repair kits, flat tyre levers, galvanised cables and top-end pumps. The firm is introducing a range of saddles in December.

Bicyclebitz hopes to have its website – www.bicyclebitz.com – up and running by the end of November.

Bicyclebitz: 01430 827510

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