American Gary Silva, now based in Taiwan, has scored a distribution deal for his S-framed bikes with the Jaguar car distributor in Japan. The S-EX-type Jag bike will only be available in Asia. Shame.

Forget the E-type Jag, here’s the S-EX-type Jag

Silva was in a car with Kono Toshio, the manager of Jaguar Sports Japan, when the subject of a name for their new bike project came up.

"[Toshio] asked me what name we should come up with. I was conservative, I said S-something. He immediately said ‘Sex. No, no, no, not sex, S-EX. He cracked me up, the Japanese are very coy about sex!"

The S-framed S-EX-type Jag is made from cromoly and "one size fits just about anybody," said Silva.

The finished bike will be equipped with 9-speed Shimano Deore, Rockshock Metro forks, disc brake on the rear, and Silva’s Slicky-g tyres.

"I call this bike a Starbucks cappuccino bike, just park it and start talking about your new toy."

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