Corporate rewards website creates bicycle mileage-based rewards programme.

Forget Air Miles collect Bike Miles co-founder Ry Morgan said: "Ever wondered why frequent flyers are rewarded for racking up Air Miles when cycling – healthier, cleaner and greener – doesn’t have such a system? Wonder no longer."

London-based start-up PleaseCycle has created – and trademarked – Bike Miles.

Pleasecycle is an online system designed to encourage cycling within the workplace. It can be white-labelled for any size of employer. Staff who sign-up can access cycling content, route planners, weather updates, savings calculators and a forum for Bicycle User Groups, or BUGs. 

Bike Miles allows an employee to log their daily mileage via online, Twitter, or mobile app uploads.

"This not only allows for leaderboards and friendly competition between colleagues, but permits the company, and external brands, to reward staff for every mile cycled," said Morgan.

Reckitt Benckiser has signed up to the scheme and gives donations to charity for when employees cycle to work. 

"Within three weeks of launch, staff logged mileage equivalent to three lengths of Britain, saving four London-Paris flights worth of carbon and raising hundreds of pounds for Save the Children," said Morgan.

Other companies have opted for more financial-based incentives or additional holiday time. Bike stores are also partnering with the site to offer deals on bike accessories and maintenance contracts.

"We wanted to create a place which catered for the non-cyclist, novice riders and avid cyclists in one go," said Morgan.

"Newcomers can learn about cycling, plan safe routes and find more experienced peers, while advanced riders can keep track of their overall mileage, compete against colleagues and be recognised for their efforts. It also grants the organisation an overview of cycling within the workplace – allowing them to identify the valuable carbon savings cyclists bring and reward their endeavours."

White labelling starts at a few hundred pounds for a branded ‘Cycle Hub’. has signed up a hotel and a university.

"Talks are already underway with household name brands looking to incentivise sustainability within a user base of tourists, students and employees expected to reach 500,000 in the next six months," said Morgan.

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