Media predicts a Friday u-turn over the Government decision to privatise 285,000-hectares of English woodland

Forest sell off to be halted

The Government appears to have halted plans to sell off 285,000 hectares of UK forest in the face of massive public opposition.

Last night BBC, Sky News and the Guardian reported that the controversial sell-off would be halted on Friday.

When asked during Prime Minister’s questions by Labour leader Ed Miliband whether Mr Cameron was happy with the Conservative policy on forestry, the prime minister simply replied "the short answer to that is no." Miliband went on, spurred by backbench cries of "timmmm-berrrr", to point out the irony in the Conservative party’s tree symbol.

More than 500,000 people signed an online petition created by campaign group 38 Degrees, fronted by BikeBiz February’s columnist David Babbs. Flick to page 13 for that.

It is estimated the forest sell off, proposed as part of the Government’s efforts to plug the defecit, would only raise £250 million.

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