KIS, the Gloucestershire BSX race series created by Graham Foote of the British Dirt Riders Association has been suspended due to NIMBYs who weren’t too keen on Bicycle Supercross events in their neck of the woods. In a valedictory speech on his KIS website - where archive stories on past events are located in the Kistory hyperlink - Foote thanked a number of high-end bike suppliers who helped make the events possible

Foote note in Kistory

“After three years of battling against constant bollocks, I have run out of steam,” said Foote.

“When we opened Cranham in 99 it was a bit of an idea and never thought it would be so popular and who would of thought that BSX would go the way it has.

“Over the next two years this small field in Gloucestershire put the new sport of BSX on the map and showed what could be done with a bit of hard work and some very loyal helpers. We took kids off the street and turned them into real sports men, we helped loads of people achieved things they would not of dreamed of and it was the best feeling in the world to see the look on a young lads face when he cleared the car jump for the first time. Amazing!”

But when KIS moved to a new venue, a number of not-in-my-backyard protesters started to put sticks in Foote’s wheels, leading to the current suspension of the race series.

In a valedictory statement on the KIS website, Foote singled out a number of trade supporters of the grassroots event:

“Damion and Matt at DMR who have supported all we have done, plus Darren at Silverfish, Pete Nisbitt at Windwave/Marzocchi, Nick Bayliss at Royal, Tony Wilkinson at SoCal, Nick Larsen and the guys at Pashley…Duncan Briggs at FOX, who got the whole thing going by supporting our first series, Fraser at 24seven, alright mate? Mark Noble at Dirt, The crew at MBUK especially Ian Osborne and Johnny Gawler. Jason Carpenter, for being Jason and offering support and ideas plus he does deserve a bloody medal for running the Dragon Series. Shame no one realises how much goes into supplying your sport…

“And now for a few special mentions, first up Lloyd Townsend at Ison Distribution or IDENTITI. This guy has supplied prizes for every race series we have ever done, plus, sorted kit for the KIS/ID Race team for two years, he has also supported the right to ride campaign and even distributed literature to all his dealers on our behalf, he has been a real friend…

“[Dave Evans of Halfords] is a real diamond and been really helpful to me. He has proved to be a real friend and has offered support outside of Halfords.

“So that’s it I’m afraid, it’s KIS good bye.

“I’m off to try and find a job and hopefully get back to doing what I love, riding my bike.”


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