Mono blade fork, smartphone integration, 3-second fold, carbon belt drive, integrated lights: the Gi Bike promises much.

Folding integrated e-bike to test the market on Kickstarter

Bignay, a start-up company based in Washington D.C., and made up of young design and tech graduates from Argentina, is to assess the demand for its folding e-bike via the crowd-funding website Company co-founder Agustín Augustinoy said the Kickstarter for Gi Bike would go live in April. UPDATE: Project is now live and is aiming to attract $400,000.

"The product will be on the street on retail stores If everything goes as planned on a year from now," Augustinoy told

"We have not evaluated distribution channels yet. We need to know if people will buy it first. The bike has not been shown anywhere yet because we are finishing the patents."

The Gi Bike, if produced, will be made from aluminium and will be available with or without a 250w pedal-assist motor. Power transmission will be via a carbon syncronous belt drive.

The designers promise the bike – which it is claimed, folds in three seconds – will ship with smartphone integrated features such as locking and navigation via an app. While in motion the Gi Bike will also charge a smartphone. 


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