Would you pay £1.50 a day to cycle down the capital's river and avoid traffic?

Floating Cyclepaths proposed for the Thames

A proposal to float a £600 million cycling highway on the Thames has emerged.

Dubbed the Thames Deckway, the concept comes from the River Cycleway consortium, founded by architect David Nixon and entreprenuer Anna Hill.

With a plan to charge a flat daily rate of £1.50 for use, it is believed the eight mile route spanning Canary Wharf to Battersea would be easily cycled in half an hour.

The proposed cyclepath would rise and fall with the tides and generate energy from solar panels, tide and wind energy.

If approved and enough private finance generated to fund the project, it is believed the first part of the build could be ready to cycle inside two years. The concept is however far more expensive than the current £47 million "crossrail for bikes" idea and the £220 million SkyCycle concept.

Read more here and tell us if you’d use the ‘Thames Deckway’ in the comments below.

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