Flare 4.0 now available to download

The latest version of Flare, 4.0, is now live and available to download.

Version 4.0 features the ‘best incident detection in the industry’ powered by Flare’s new SIDE ML (Serious Incident Detection Engine Machine Learning) algorithm trained on over two years worth of accident data. This allows the system to accurately and quickly get users help, fast, said the company.

Flare has also enhanced its SmartStart feature to bring the ‘most reliable automatic start and stop protection ever’. SmartStart automatically turns Flare on in the background when a rider is active and out of their safe zone, so they don’t have to worry about launching the app each time.

The latest feature, Hazards, alerts users in real-time about anything that could affect their safety, powered by the Flare community. Through the Hazards feature, users can report anything that other Flare users may find helpful such as road accidents, physical attacks, near-misses and pot-holes.

If users urgently need help, they can quickly activate an SOS alert to their loved ones with real-time location sharing via voice command and gestures, such as a double or triple tap on the back of their phone or the SOS button. The GroupSafe feature allows users to be part of a group, sharing their live location with each other in case any become vulnerable.

Flare users will now be further protected with incident prevention. Flare will be connected to another system called RoadRadar which will be installed into commercial vehicles (HGVs). If users are in the blind spot of partnered HGV and their friends/family have Flare on their smartphone, the driver of the HGV will receive a notification, so they know the Flare user is in dangerous proximity.

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Launching in spring 2022, RoadRadar will be enabled on thousands of commercial vehicles across the UK, with Flare as its first partner.

Busby rebranded to Flare earlier this month, with the aim of making the brand more internationally recognisable.

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