In a widely anticipated move, SRAM has put all its eggs into one basket. SRAM-distributor Fisher Outdoor Leisure has added Rockshox and Avid to its brand portfolio. SRAM and Shimano are not the best of friends and it must have rankled SRAM execs for Rockshox to be distributed in the UK by Madison, the distributor of Shimano.

Fisher gets SRAM’s Rockshox and Avid

Madison loses Rockshox and Raw Marketing loses SRAM’s other recent purchase, Avid.

The changeover takes effect 1st July.

"Since the acquisition of RockShox 18 months ago, we have been able to keep the UK market in the unique position of having two distributors, one for RockShox and one for SRAM," said SRAM’s global after-market manager Robert Priest.

"However following the acquisition of Avid we have been forced to re-examine this approach. Strategically, operationally, and from a pure common sense stand point for the retailers, if we maintained the current structure with three separate distributors, this would cause some conflict or confusion for the market."

Warranty for SRAM, RockShox, and Avid will devolve on Fisher Outdoor Leisure.

"Both Madison and Raw Marketing have done excellent jobs over the years with the respective brands and will continue to sell and service the products up until the transfer in July," said Priest.

"This decision has not been taken without serious consideration on how we continue to build on our commitment to the UK, Having gained direct feedback from the market we believe that all three brands under one roof is the best approach in helping retailers with their purchasing, servicing and warranty needs."

And the one roof in question has a brand new workshop sited in the corner of a just-built, 6000sq ft mezzaine floor at the Fisher warehouse in St. Albans.

Gordon Fisher, MD of Fisher Outdoor Leisure, said: "This is the start of another new adventure for us."

And now is the perfect time to get the distribution rights to Rockshox: all techheads are agreed, the 05 products from Rockshox are set to be the best for many years.

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