Buy Schwalbe tyres and Fisher Outdoor Leisure will collect any old tyres, of any brand. These are then sent to Germany to be recycled into rubber matting.

Fisher and Bohle launch tyre recycling scheme

Bohle has been operating a tyre recycling service in Germany since 1993. Here in the UK, local authorities are getting ever keener at making sure businesses clean up after themselves and do not dump materials, such as rubber tyres, which can be salvaged instead of incinerated.

The tyres collected by Fisher Outdoor Leisure – IBDs need to order in bundles of 50 to qualify – are shipped back to Bohle in Germany, where they are stripped and separated back into the original materials. The wire beads can be recycled back into steel, the rubber is granulated and made into rubber floor mats for sports halls and playgrounds.

In Germany, the recycled matting is also used by IBDs for their workshops and showrooms.

Fisher Outdoor Leisure is already big on recyling: as can attest, the canteen has recycling boxes for plastic and paper, and the company also recycles all ink cartridges.

Participating retailers will receive UK-specific door stickers confirming they are ‘Schwalbe Recycling Centres’.

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