The weather was kind to Friedrichshafen's Eurobike, and visitor numbers at the new expo halls were 5 percent up on last year. There were 21 430 trade visitors and, on the Sunday, a whopping 20 000 German bike enthusiasts

First international expo of the year is ‘upbeat’

"Manufacturers of bicycles, equipment, apparel and accessories will be entering the 2003 season with new drive and healthy order books after the extremely positive business atmosphere at the fair," said Eurobike CEO Rolf Mohne.

"This is great news for the industry, as many had been nervous about the current economic climate before the show. The enthusiasm for our new location could be felt everywhere."

Out of the 700 exhibitors, 141 of them were cycle apparel suppliers.

In answer to the question of whether their visit to the fair had been worthwhile, 95.3 percent of those surveyed replied "Yes". 90 percent also reported that they would be attending next year’s show, which will take place August 28th to 31st, 2003.


Above: At every trade show there’s always one wacky saddle invention. This is the inflatable Rideball from Germany. Email: kontakt@rideball.de


Top: Specialized’s rear suspension Brain inertia valve won rave reviews. Inertia vlave’s have been around sunce 1918 but it’s taken until now for the technology to be perfected for XC bikes, thanks to a patented pair-up between Specialized and Fox. Mike Sinyard, founder and president of Specialized, is fiercely proud of the Brain project: "Of all the things we’ve ever done as a company, from the first Stumpjumper mountain bike to FSR suspension and Body Geometry medical technology, this is the technological achievement I’m most proud of, and the one that delivers the most benefit to us as riders."

Middle: Mini-bikes are all the rage. This is the Frog from Birdy manufacturer Riese und Muller.…/frame.html

Base: The fashion show was BIG!

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