Finish Line to launch new IBD programme at iceBike*

Finish Line will be launching a brand new IBD programme at iceBike* later this month.

The new programme, which is exclusive to independent bike dealers and is named the ‘Finish Line LUBEexperts’, has been designed to offer committed retailers more workshop and shop floor support, helping them to increase sales and get a better margin.

For a £390 buy-in, retailers will receive a total package value of £2,100, including £1,600 worth of sales and £130 of free marketing tools.

Workshop-wise, retailers will get an initial 20% discount when they purchase all seven workshop essentials, as well as £160 worth of free workshop samples including two Pro Shop Aprons, four pairs Mechanic Grip Gloves and a selection of workshop products.

To help with sales, dealers who sign up to the LUBEexperts programme will receive the best-seller package with an initial 10% discount and a free retail display to help aid sell-through in-store.

In addition to the above, retailers will also get access to the Half Price Refill Programme, where a 65-90% margin is available to stimulate return store visits, reduce plastic waste and offer a service that “online retailers cannot compete with”.

Retailers who sign up will also enjoy an ongoing 5% discount of all Finish Line products for the following 12 months.

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