Brand to use polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles

Finish Line bike lubricants get environmentally friendly

Finish Line’s premium bicycle lubricants will be packaged in environmentally friendly PET bottles.

The company believes it is the only manufacturer to offer bicycle lubricants in bottles with the official number one recyclability designation, indicating that they are highly recyclable.

Finish Line’s Ceramic WET Lube, Ceramic WAX Lube, DRY Teflon Lube, WET Lubricant, WAX Lubricant and 1-STEP Cleaner Lubricant are all moving to the new bottles. The PET bottles began shipping in late 2010 and the global transition is expected to be complete by Q3 2011.

Finish Line founder Hank Krause said: “The switch to polyethylene terephthalate plastic or ‘PET’ (from #2 High Density Polyethylene or ‘HDPE’) means cyclists can feel comfortable purchasing premium maintenance products without any compromise to their commitment to recycling.”

“These PET bottles compliment Finish Line’s new line of separate-and-recycle PET clam shell packages which we now use for our Chain Cleaners, Grunge Brushes, and other assorted specialty items. These clam shells have allowed us to move away from traditional blisters which are heat sealed to cardboard, and therefore very hard to recycle.”

The glossy PET bottles also offer performance benefits, the firm said – being extremely stable, providing improved barrier permeability, preventing paneling and the loss of product due to evaporation through the walls of bottles.

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