Final quarter of 2017 saw unexpected bump in bike sales

A stats report released by the Bicycle Association has revealed that the number of non-electric bicycles imported in Q4 of 2017 was up by over a third on the same quarter in 2016. The report shows a 34 per cent increase in imports, which have pushed overall figures for 2017 above the projections.

Last year the Bicycle Association’s number crunchers feared that sales for the full year would be a million down on 2016. The predicted drop in sales was said to be “alarming”.

The total number of regular bicycles imported in 2017 amounts to 2.85 million, a three per cent increase on 2016, although the report highlights that this is still down by 20 per cent on pre-2016 figures.

The total value of regular bicycles imported in Q4 showed a marked increase on the same period in 2016, with an 11 per cent rise. The total import value of these units in 2017 was £346 million.

Exports in Q4 of 2017 showed a marked decrease on the same period in 2016, with a 16 per cent fall, although overall value remained within a similar financial situation at around £69 million.

E-bikes have once again grown in import value, representing ten per cent of the 2017 total, however by volume, electric units represented only two per cent of all imports with a total of 63,000 units overall.

Members of the Bicycle Association get a deeper statistical report than the summary above.

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