Heat treated 'Drop' fork introduced. Restock of entire component line now in.

Federal 2011 frame and components drop now with Seventies

Seventies has just received a large drop of 2011 Federal components, including the new ‘drop’ fork.

Based around the classic offset and length of the 20/20 fork, the Drop retains the same material and heat treatment spec, however the shape of the dropout and the bottom of the fork leg have both been redesigned to create a stronger and cleaner looking junction with better clearance. A new slimmer top cap features too, offering both a six and eight millimeter allen wrench slot.

Signature frames from Dan Lacey, Ty Morrow and Jared Washington, as well as the Twilight frame have also landed, as well as restocks on all bars, sprockets, seats, seatposts and grips part of the delivery.

The team’s latest promotional web video goes from strength to strength, reaching 75,000 views this week. Watch that below:


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