Fazua releases Black Pepper performance update

Fazua has today released its Black Pepper performance update.

The new release is said to deliver “uncompromising individuality, an even more natural riding experience and improved performance”.

The evation Motor Software 2.0 and Toolbox Software 2.0 updates are backward-compatible and will be available for download at www.fazua.com on 16th April. Kinesis UK’s RISE e-trail hardtail MTB, for one, is already available to dealers with Fazua Evation integration.

Kinesis UK’s RISE e-trail hardtail MTB is already available to dealers with Fazua Evation.

evation Motor Software 2.0
“We’ve made major improvements to all areas of our evation Motor Software,” said a Fazua statement. The evation drive system’s motor control has been completely overhauled from the ground up. According to the company, the result is a major improvement in efficiency, making it possible to get even more performance from the compact unit.

“One of the most noticeable performance enhancements is the delivery of power over a broad cadence range,” said Fazua. “The evation drive system now provides more efficient assistance at a constant motor output over a cadence range of 55–125 revolutions per minute.

“From the beginning, the evation drive system has delivered a ride characterized by gentle, natural assistance. But now, riders can enjoy an even more authentic feel: In extensive biomechanical analyses, we used sophisticated methods and complex algorithms to develop riding dynamics that perfectly adapt to the rider’s individual pedaling style – to guarantee the ideal level of assistance for every riding scenario.”

Toolbox Software 2.0
Once the latest update for the new evation Motor Software is installed, riders will now be able to individually customise the support modes with the Toolbox Software 2.0. The drive’s riding dynamics can be adapted to the rider’s own personal needs and preferences using the Max Power, Support Relation and Ramp-Up parameters.

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