Fazua partners with Comodule to develop e-bike app

Fazua has partnered with Comodule to develop an app for e-bikes users with the Fazua ‘evation’ drive system.

The app is compatible with all e-bikes equipped with the system, and includes GPS navigation, tracking and a speedometer.

Fazua head developer Pablo Diez said: “The idea behind the Fazua app was to display all data the Fazua evation drivesystem is measuring of the rider.

“By doing so the app allows complete transparency about data of the rider and the system at the same time combined with accurate GPS tracking which allows riders to analyze their training as precisely as possible.”

Comodule co-founder Teet Praks added: “By adding the digital layer to the advanced evation system, Fazua underline sits uniqueness in the e-bike industry.

“Giving their OEM customers the possibility to communicate directly with their bike riders will be a key feature for future business models.”

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