We are now uploading our WAP site with job ads and shops for sale (they go on this site too check out today's offerings). If you've got a WAP phone you can be the first to learn about jobs up for grabs, a boon for reps with itchy feet

Fast job and shop ads

Earlier today we put an ad for EP-X on our jobs board. The Coventry company is expanding and needs three new members of staff.

Soon after we uploaded a shop ad onto our classifieds page. Both were also uploaded to our WAP channel (www.bikebiz.co.uk/wap).

For those with WAP phones this kind of timely information may prove useful. We also have a list of important telephone numbers on this site as well as bike trade stats. WAP phones may seem like bizarre new technology now, but they’ll be the norm in 2 years time.

Bob Geldorf owns a WAP portal WAPworld.com and other information providers will have WAP sites online soon.

BikeBiz was there before them. Just imagine this: a rep for AnyBikes Plc is outside a shop waiting for his appointment. With five minutes to spare he dials up www.bikebiz.co.uk/wap. There’s a job there he fancies so he rings up for it straight away. He gets the job there and then. The company advertising the job had only placed the ad that morning. What used to take a month (put ad in trade mag, wait a month for it to come out, wait another week for responses) can now happen in minutes!

Far fetched? Not in a year’s time it won’t be…

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