Fara Cycling introduces new road bike, the F/RD

Fara Cycling has unveiled its new road model, the F/RD.

The company, founded by Jeff Webb, has ‘mastered the art’ of making premium quality bikes, usually reserved for World Tour Pros, and now wants to make it accessible for the everyday rider. The all-new F/RD is the foremost advanced bike it has created so far, said the company, ideal for exploring both your surroundings and your own limits, with a geometry that will also give you support for longer rides.

“The bike has a race-performance concept at its core with a ready-to-crush-long-distances flavour,” said a statement. “The geometry is racy for speed and quick handling but not too aggressive. The frame is well-balanced for stability and predictability. The response is immediate off the saddle but still comfortable over long distances thanks to increased vertical compliance. Several elements such as a compliant, mid-depth fork, tapered top-tube and lowered, slightly curved seat stays contribute to the rider’s comfort.

“The F/RD started as a dream, an idea, and a clear concept: race faster, go further. Before the F/AR was even finished, the R&D department and Fara Cycling’s CEO Jeff Webb discussed the optimal features of a next-generation road bike during regular long rides through the Taiwanese hills. It was clear from the beginning that the combination of low weight, agile handling, aero features, comfort, and practicality were the recipe for a race-bike that would fit the Fara Cycling ethos of high performance and simple, Nordic inspired aesthetics.”

During the development phase, Webb relied on the advice and input of the former pro-cyclist Thor Hushovd who brought insight from the professional peloton. “This is how the final design became the perfect mix between a race machine with pro specs and a long-distance grinder that allows all different riders to venture beyond their usual comfort zones,” said the company.

The bike is now open for pre-sale and will be delivered in spring 2022.

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