Family cycling given malty marketing push with help of Laura Kenny

Malt-loaf maker Soreen has launched a big budget campaign to get more Brits on bikes. The campaign’s figurehead is Olympian Laura Kenny who has returned to the professional circuit following the birth of her son, Albie, and is now working with Soreen to stress the significance of keeping fit by cycling and eating healthily.  

Kenny has highlighted the launch of a dedicated website for the campaign, the Soreen Cycle Project

Millions of the brand’s "squidgy energy" products are now emblazoned with the get-cycling messages, with the campaign’s website also aiming to raise awareness of the "lost" 1930s cycleways discovered by BikeBiz editor-at-large Carlton Reid. There are about 500 miles of these hidden-in-plain-sight cycleways across the UK, many of which Reid is trying to bring back to modern-day use. A Kickstarter campaign for the project raised almost £25,000 last year, and backers can still pledge support.

Soreen has created a petition aimed at the Department for Transport highlighting the benefits of rediscovering the "lost" cycleways. 818 people have so far signed the petition. 

Kenny said: “This initiative is very close to my heart, not just because I love cycling, but also because I’ve been brought up to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, thanks to my mum, who has always been my inspiration. She completely changed her lifestyle when I was younger and helped shape the way I thought about food and exercise. It goes to show that everyone can do it.

“I would love to get Albie on a bike when he’s ready. I learnt to ride when I was about 6 and would encourage any child, as well as families, to cycle. After all, fresh air is free.”

Soreen MD Mark Simester said: “Millions of Brits don’t get as much exercise as they should, which is why we want to encourage the importance of healthy, active living through the Soreen Cycle Project. We have also worked with bodies such as British Cycling and the Forestry commission as part of this campaign so that we can help to offer cycling routes and provide advice on how to get cycling.”

Soreen has long used cycling in its promotional messages and, as well as its traditional loaves, it produces smaller bars that, eaten without butter, can be stashed in jersey pockets. Malt loaf is also a staple on the refuelling tables at sportives and similar cycling events.

Soreen was an official supplier to the recent Tour de Yorkshire and this will be the brand’s 10th year of sponsoring the Tour of Britain.

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