TAIPEI CYCLE SHOW: Drivetrain to be used by 23 brands in new model year

Fallbrook brings NuVinci N360 and Quick Release to Taipei

Fallbrook is bringing its NuVinci N360 drivetrain to Taipei this week, designed for bikes and pedelecs alike. Twenty-three brands have signed up to the technology, the firm has revealed. 

The N360 has been proving popular in the handmade bicycle scene, as well as in urban and commuting bikes, Fallbrook said.

The company will be introducing a Quick Release solution for the N360 at the show too. Pitched as being a simple and convenient way to remove the N360 wheel, the upgrade was developed with designers at Axle Release, specifically for the NuVinci N360 CVP, and will be available as an OEM option or as a separate aftermarket kit.

Alan M Nordin, President of Fallbrook Technologies bicycle products division, said: Twenty three bicycle brands are committed to NuVinci drive trains for the coming model year. Customers include many leading brands from established OEM’s like Accell, ASI, Derby, Panther and many others. The N360 CVP was introduced in Spring 2009, and production is rapidly ramping up to meet demand."

NuVinci product manager Chris Vasiliotis said: “Durability is an important point, especially for Pedelecs. The N360 CVP is tested to well over twice the torque any major Pedelec drivetrain can supply, and historically NuVinci drive trains have proved more durable than our competition.”

“The NuVinci N360 CVP system is the only system that can shift under load, whether from a strong rider or combined with a Pedelec drivetrain. With the N360, shifting is no longer a penalty requiring the rider torque and motor assist to be reduced. This is an important user benefit especially for brands or models utilizing one of the middle motor suppliers like Bosch, Panasonic or Yamaha.”

NuVinci will be at the Fallbrook booth at Taipei (L 1017, fourth floor).

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