Whereas Raleigh is placing all its bets on the lower end of the market, topping out at £279 retail, the Tandem Group's strategy is pricepoint segmentation, with low, mid- and high-end product. With more Dawes and Claud Butler aspirational models in the pipeline it was decided to dedicate a corner of the Falcon factory in Brigg to high-end assembly work. And that's where the BMW/William Formula 1 road bike is being assembled too

Falcon factory’s ‘Probuild’ section produces BMW F1 road bike

When BMW decided to develop the new BMW/Williams Formula 1 road bike it was Falcon Cycles Ltd. in Brigg who were in pole position to build it for them.

The two companies have been working closely together on bike projects for some time and the latest development is taking shape in Falcon’s new ‘Probuild’ production area.

Falcon MD Steven Bell said: “Working with BMW on these sort of new projects has been extremely challenging. They have a very rigorous product development and quality assurance system. However we’ve now had our third audit and we have come through each of them with flying colours.

"The Probuild area we’re using for the BMW project allows us to cope with growing volumes of complex and added-value products. Our forecast requirement for high spec Dawes and Claud Butler products has increased dramatically. And the Probuild area has also given the BMW product development engineers the confidence to work with us on even more exciting BMW specialist projects.”

Bell was appointed MD in January last year and worked for the Raleigh marketing department in the mid-1980s.


From L to R: Russell Clements and Phil Sharpe of the Probuild area being given the once-over by Karl Betz, one of BMW’s quality assurance managers.

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