Stickybottle, More Dirt and Two Wheels Better join in new Collective

F-At Collective to pull together with 3 cycle sites

Farrelly Atkinson, publisher of, has set up a multiple cycling site partnership, linking with three niche engaged cycle sites: Stickybottle, More Dirt and Two Wheels Better.

Farrelly Atkinson (F-At) said the new Collective is its way of creating engagement at a greater scale by pulling together sites with hugely active communities and unique consumer offerings.

F-At said: "With, we have blazed a trail as the UK’s original, internet only, cycling platform for over seven years. In that time the market has changed dramatically and we have changed with it. Ultimately what we do has changed little; Write great content about bikes, review stuff honestly and always remember that without our community we are nothing.

"The F-At Collective is another trailblazer."

So is now partnered with:, Ireland-based racing site., MTB trails site., fast growing site for new and returning mountain bikers.

They added: "Every campaign for every advertiser is different and we never apply a one size fits all approach. We start with your objectives and go from there. The growth of the Collective won’t change this approach it will just mean we can apply the same methods to a wider group of avid cyclists, both road and mountain bike."

There are more details via Elaine Curtin, Mark Cantwell or Simon Stansfield on 01225 588855.

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