EZLift launches fully modular e-bike/cargo bike shop lift

EZLift has announced the launch of its fully modular e-bike/cargo bike shop lift, with the capacity to lift up to 90kg.

The lift is fully modular and features a patented quick-release plate for quickly changing out capture devices. It is capable of lifting two bikes simultaneously, the company said.

The lift is shown with the optional cargo plate attached. Other custom capture devices can be provided to meet the customer’s needs. The list price for the shop lift is £1,799, which includes the 360-degree rotating capture claw.

Other products that EZLift manufactures include its fully portable 12VDC e-bike/cargo lift with the same specifications. For details regarding either of the products please contact Gary Snyder at gary.snyder@ezlift.ltd or +44 7789962623.

EZLift was founded by two avid long-time cyclists, one a former bike mechanic and the other an e-bike seller, both living in the Cotswolds.

They both have several friends who sell and service e-bikes and the number one issue with servicing these bikes were the sheer weight of the bikes, they said. One of the shops had an electric lift but said it was very loud, had a very limited lifting capacity and could not accommodate cargo bikes.

In addition, he had heard of motor burnouts issues with lifts. This prompted the team to come up with a concept of an electric bike lift that could be used in the shop and in the field to service cargo bikes.

Thus, the idea of a fully modular portable battery-operated lift was born – a lift that not only provided complete portability and was weatherproof but also worked just as well in the shop and had the capacity to lift up to 90kg to handle servicing any e-bike, e-cargo bike or e-scooter.

After a year and a half in development, a patent was filed and the lift was brought to market.

The portable lift was debuted at Eurobike 2021. EZLift then set to the task of designing a dedicated shop lift with the same specification with the exception of not being weatherproof or portable but still lifts 90kg, and as an option could accommodate lifting two bikes at the same time.

Both lifts use industrial-grade parts throughout including EZLift’s ¼ hp motor, duplex chain and a solid-state motor control board along with universal AC power supply and industrial-grade controller.

The shop lift is covered in stainless steel for lasting durability and the portable lift uses weatherproof seals and bellows. Both units run on 12VDC but EZLift supplies a universal AC power supply for use in any location.

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Both lifts unitise EZLift’s patented universal clamp mount which accommodates a wide range of capture assemblies to include its EZLift’s 360° rotating claw, cargo bike plate and its OEM seatpost tube capture solution.

EZLift can also make custom capture devices that will quickly fit on the lift utilising EZLift’s patented quick-release mounting system. The lifts are designed and manufactured here in the UK, said EZLift’s MD Gary Snyder.

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