Exogard is looking for UK distribution

Exogard bike protection film on the hunt for UK distribution 

Exogard bike protection film is looking for UK distribution for its unique product. 

Formerly on the market under the name Cannonball Bike Film, Exoguard offers a protective barrier against dirt, gravel and cable damage for consumers’ frames and forks, whether they’re road, mountain, or e-bikes. 

The company said: “With extensive experience in supplying custom frame protection, Exogard is now launching their new range of frame protection kits for riders across all disciplines. The brand aspires to make high-quality frame protection accessible to every bike owner, allowing them to save money by ensuring the condition of their bike frames are maintained and increasing the resale value.

“Exogard is the highest quality of film in the market and is more affordable than any alternatives. An Exogard kit provides a superior protective barrier against dirt, gravel and cable damage. With unique SelfHeal Technology, it is fully transparent and comes with a five-year manufacturers guarantee. The EasyFix system makes installation quick and simple, choose from a range of customisable options and follow along with the video tutorial.”

Exogard is designed to protect frames from gravel, dirt and cable wear (Picture: Exogard)

Exogard is cut to fit various types of frames, as the pre-cut kits cover the majority of bike brands.

The Paint Protection Film can be applied by consumers first by cleaning the frame, then applying the film to the frame using the application solution. The user can then use a squeegee to remove any air bubbles, before leaving the film to for 24 hours before use. 

Exogard can also be removed by heating the film with a hair dryer – although the company warned users to be cautious when removing any film laid over decals. 

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The product retails for £35 directly on the Exogard website. 

Anyone interesting in working with the company can contact Will Wood at contact@exogard.co.uk or by calling 07835 494817.   

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