Firm grows vacation porfolio and invests in new custom-built 20 bike trailer

Exodus reports rise in cycle holidays

Cycle tour operator Exodus has added 14 new trips to its cycle holiday menu for 2012/2013, due to a ‘massive growth in interest for cycling’, with trips up over 30 per cent in 2012, according to the firm.

Up to 60 cycling trips spanning 35 countries are offered by Exodus, with new excursions including a Costa Rica coast-to-coast ride, and Southern Iceland trip and a Prague to Budapest ride.

Exodus uses a new custom-built bike trailer for the holidays, manufactured by Motley Engineering to a design from Exodus. The trailer has 20 individual custom-designed mounts to easily load bikes, transport them securely and minimise damage to bikes during transit. There are also roll-up heavy duty tarpaulin sides to keep the bikes protected from the weather.

The trailer will carry a total of 20 bikes at one time, plus luggage and empty bike bags/boxes.

The new bike trailer will be used on one of Exodus’ most popular trips, taking in Tuscany (‘Cycle Siena and Chianti’).

Earlier this month BikeBiz took a closer look at the cycle tourism business here (and here).

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