Sports luggage brand gets backing from MTB

EVOC signs Steve Peat

EVOC has signed current UCI World DH Champ and MTB legend Steve Peat.

The young luggage brand has approached the MTB market with a fresh styling, and Peat is set to use the full range of EVOC luggage to transport his bike and kit to races and events, as well as use the range of back packs to take his hydration system and tools out on the trail.

EVOC’s marketing manager Jan Sallawitz said: 

“It is incredible how much attention we are getting after only being in the market for two years.

"Initially we made bags just for ourselves and now we are absolutely stoked that so many people love our stuff – including a world champion! Having the chance to work together with Steve Peat is a great step for us, not only because of his long time experience with travel luggage and backpacks that can make our products way better, but especially because of his absolute passion for mountain biking. This was one of the reasons for us founding EVOC in the first place. Welcome aboard, Peaty!”

Peat commented: “I am very happy to be joining the EVOC team and to be using their quality products both on the bike and when travelling the world. The trail packs offer such high performance and knowing I have a full back protector built-in gives me the peace of mind to go faster out on the trail. The bike travel bag is so easy to use I know I can put my new carbon V10 straight in, zip it up and head off to the race track without the need to keep taping a box up, brilliant.”

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