BMX bikes and kid's bikes sales skyrocket

Evans reports 200 per cent sales growth

Evans has reported that sales of BMX and kid’s bikes have soared in the build up to Christmas, with sales figures jumping by near 200 per cent month-on-month.

“With no obvious killer gadget on the market this year, bikes have returned to their rightful place at the top of the Christmas wish list,” said Evans Cycles managing director, Mike Rice. “Bikes are a much better long term purchase for consumers, unlike gadgets they won’t be replaced by another fad in the coming months, can be used all year round and will provide years of use.”

“Not only are our unit sales up, but the average selling price of BMX bikess and Children’s bikes are up too,” says Rice. “people realise that bikes are not disposable items, and that investing a bit more up front will result in a more enjoyable cycling experience and pay off in the longer term.”

“Mongoose BMX’s are our best selling brand of BMX at the moment” said Evans Cycles head of bike buying, Joel Natale

“Another popular choice,” continues Joel, “are Jump Bikes – ruggedly built mountain bikes designed for urban riding and jumping with the Pinnacle Redart being a top seller at £199.”

Among others listed to be performing well in the run up to the big day are WeThePeople addicts – a mid range BMX selling at £370, a Mongoose Fireball MTB (£331.99 retail) and Ridgeback’s kids bikes.

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