Part four of BikeBiz's guided tour to Europe's largest show, new product and services

Eurobike round up: Abus, Hope, Bigfish, Zefal, Tern and Massi

Casa Masferrer – Massi
Spanish bike brand Massi is looking to make inroads on the UK market with the help of parent distributor Casa Masferrer and to boost this effort a new UK agent has been appointed to cover England, Wales and Scotland.
Largely revamped or new for 2012, the Massi line now spans prices from £400 through £4,000, “hitting almost every price point in between,” according to a spokesperson. Offering 21 bikes in total, as well as a comprehensive line of components and accessories, the brand “has everything a retailer could need”.
The 2012 model year will see the introduction of two 29er models, the carbon Pro 29 and aluminium Trax. BikeBiz was also told that custom build options are available with a choice of Shimano and Campagnolo components, followed shortly by SRAM’s introduction to stock. UK retailers interested in the Massi brand can make contact via the website, or by calling +34 677 513 183 and asking for Marcus.

With a fresh B2B redesign and improvement on the way, including a mobile webpage, complete with dealer locator and log on, Hope is becoming very dealer friendly as technology moves on.
Also pleasing to dealers will be a plethora of new products. The press darling of the show was a remote master cylinder designed for cyclocross riders. As more bikes within this niche arrive with disc mounts as standard, Hope indentified the need for a dual master cylinder unit for drop bar bikes. Fitted via a special bracket, the unit uses a simple piston system, removing the need for complicated levers. Final prototypes will be seen at the 3Peaks, with production models landing later this year.
Rear cassettes are also on the agenda with an early sample shown at Eurobike. Still admittedly a work in progress, Hope hopes to provide the ability to run a nine tooth rear sprocket, allowing the use of a smaller front ring, while still providing a full gear range and allowing the use of 1×10. The ratchet mechanism is still machined within the sprocket carrier, but Hope has riveted titanium sprockets into this. The smallest cluster of sprockets is then machined from steel and bolted into place. Expect to see the first six-speed DH models early next year.

Launched to the public at Eurobike, Tern revealed a line of 22 models spanning 400 to 2,600 Euros, as well as a line of branded accessories.
“Our mission is to get more people using sustainable forms of transport,” stated Joshua Hon, vice president of Tern. “It has been an incredible ride, working with a team of passionate and talented people and developing a completely new line of bikes dedicated to our mission. The initial reaction to the bikes has been really positive and we’re looking forward to getting more of our bikes under people when we start shipping next month.”
Tern’s product line features five distinct frame platforms, each with particular characteristics tailored to the needs of today’s urban cyclist. Tern bicycles are in production at present, with shipments having begun by the time this magazine hits desks. Tern will be distributed in over 30 countries, though a UK partner has not been announced at the time of press.

The fish has evolved. Eurobike saw the debut of a fresh build from the folding bike manufacturer and while retaining the iconic bowed design of the first and only prior build, BigFish chose Friedrichshafen to introduce the ‘Line’ folder.
Within that introduction came another revelation – a button click system that has now been retrofitted to the original build and which enables the rider to fold the bike by simple pushing a series of buttons, in no particular order.
Dubbed ‘Smart Folding Technology’, the button system makes shop floor demonstrations ten times easier, according to brand manager Karin Marter.
She told BikeBiz: “The line features a simple bend in the frame on which we have a patent pending. It’s a simple, yet elegant design that offers a stiff and efficient ride. What’s more, we have an electric version using a Japanese motor with a clever torque sensor joining the range shortly.”
Avocet Sports carry the BigFish brand in the UK and all new stock will land early in 2012. Add on accessories, such as unique to Bigfish bike baskets, will also become available shortly.

Zefal has a selection of miniature track pumps on the way, all supplied with a frame-mounting bracket giving the end-users the means to carry a low-effort, high output unit without lugging around a large track pump.
Featuring a long Schrader and Presta compatible hose for improved reach over traditional designs, the pump is stable on the floor thanks to fold-out handles. Larger versions of the pump will land with Zyro from October, though a miniature version is expected to become available from February and it is this that is tipped to be a big-seller.

Landing during early November, Abus revealed the Tec-Tical helmet at Eurobike, a redesign of a prior model that the manufacturer says is the most technically advanced in its line. Designed for both the demands of cross-country and road cycling the multi-shell in-molded EPS helmet weighs in at 240 grams and carries a dial adjust fit, as well as adjustments for the width of the wearer’s head.
Available in various colours, including the Abus-sponsored Team Nutrixxion’s yellow shade, the helmet is supplied with a mesh fly-net that can easily be secured to prevent entry via the vents.

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