IBD buying groups are strong in Germany. But the German market for bicycles has been decimated in the past 18 months and even the once all-powerful buying groups have been feeling the pinch. ZEG of Germany is still the world's biggest bicycle buyer's group but now Euretco is muscling in, absorbing Veloring, which was threatened with potential bankrupcy last year.

Euretco absorbs ailing Veloring, the German buying group

Veloring restructured last year but this was not enough to see off the overtures of Euretco, which, having achieved success in the Netherlands, is now turning to Benelux, Germany and, of course, the UK.

Ironically, as part of last year’s restructuring Veloring’s German and Benelux operations were acquired by Ricar Systems Europe, a company owned by a Dutch investor.

Veloring had 450 IBD members before its restucturing (many failed to port with the new organisation). ZEG, by far the dominant force in German bicycle retailing, has 650+ members.

Euretco Tweewielers B.V. absorbed Veloring Benelux B.V. and Veloring Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH (VDG) yesterday.

According to a statement from Euretco, the absorption will lead to "the creation of an extremely powerful full-service retail organisation in the Benelux and Germany with more than 720 affiliated shops."

The number of people working for Veloring in both Benelux and Germany will remain unchanged. Veloring Germany (VDG) will continue to operate from its head office in Mönchengladbach. However, the Benelux operation will operate from Euretco’s head office in Breda.

In 2004, Euretco will introduce its shop formula – Profile the Bike Specialist, Profile der Fahrradspezialist – to the German market.

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