EU member states ‘back Commission in e-bike dumping case’

The majority of the member states in the Trade Defence Instruments’ Committee has backed the Commission’s proposal to impose up to 79.3 per cent duties on e-bikes imported from China, LEVA-EU reports.

LEVA-EU manager Annick Roetynck said: “We haven’t yet received detailed information on the outcome, but it’s highly regrettable that a majority of Member States seemed to have voted in favour of duties.

“There is no injury to European ‘manufacturers’. A closer look at the market shows that these manufacturers, many of which import components from China at a very large scale, are thriving.

“These duties are nothing but protectionism and will seriously damage over 150 European SMEs and penalise millions of European citizens.

“Last week, in two different letters to the Commission, 60 importing SMEs, supported by 27 other European companies in the business as well as four MEPs from different political parties appealed to Commissioner Malmstrom to reconsider the duties, arguing they went against Union interest.”

Roetynck also explained that once the Commission’s Regulation is published, LEVA-EU will consult with the EU importers on the next steps. 

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