EBMA's Brian Montgomery rang yesterday, cock-a-hoop that bikes and bike P&A have been deleted from the EU's 'generalised system of preferences'. This GSP softened the blow of tariffs, and has long been a target of Montgomery and Paris-based European Bicycle Manufacturers' Association.

EU lands double whammy on China’s bicycle industry

The GSP allowed certain developing countries to, in effect, reduce anti-dumping tariffs imposed by the EU.

The just published section L169 of the Journal of the European Union removes China and Thailand from the generalised system of preferences.

This is valid 2006 through to 2015 and comes on top of the recently announced extension and increased to the anti-dumpiing tariff imposed on bicycles sourced from China.

Chinese-built bikes are now subject to a tariff of 48.5 percent up from 30.6 percent.

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