Era Energy launches to aid IBDs energy costs

It’s not news that in the current retail climate, independent retailers are looking for new ways to run their shops more efficiently. While factors such as workshops, retail science and user-friendly websites are key considerations in 2019, there are many others to consider.

One overlooked saving that IBDs can make lies in switching their electric and gas suppliers.

According to the Competitions & Markets Authority’s (CMA) energy market investigation report, 45% of electricity and 49% of gas SME customers were on default (i.e. not negotiated) rates, including out of contract, deemed and auto-rollover rates These default rates are usually the most expensive deals offered by energy suppliers.

Energy broker service Era Energy, based in Leicester, aims to help UK businesses get a better, fairer deal from their energy contracts.

Founded by Ricky Gawera, who has garnered significant experience in the cycling industry with various brands an distributors, the company provides a free energy check for IBDs to let them know whether significant savings can be made.

“One in five UK companies pay too much for their energy bill,” said Gawera. “By simply switching utility providers or re-negotiating their contracts, they could save thousands of pounds each year.

“A simple money-saving tip is to re-negotiate your gas and electric contracts in the summer where demand is lower, thus leading to cheaper tariffs. Era Energy is able to sell ahead, meaning you get today’s prices tomorrow up to one year in advance.”

“We pride ourselves on helping our customers secure the best energy contracts available to them whilst making the process simple and free to use.

“We do this by providing a free energy check, all you have to do is provide a copy of your last bill and we will let you know if you’re on a good rate or if we think that we can save you some money, even if you’re still in a contract.”

What stops SMEs from switching and saving?
– The time and resources required to shop around and compare quotes
– The complexity involved in comparing different energy unit prices and variable tariffs
– Loyalty to an existing supplier
– Lack of knowledge about how much the business stands to save by switching suppliers.

A case study
“One client that was in the same scenario was E1 cycles located in Whitechapel. Faced with a high renewal he contacted us to see if we were able to find him a better deal. we were able to do so by scouring the market and finding the right deal for them.

“We not only reduced his unit rate but also found him a no standing charge contract resulting in over £700 saving

“Using the services of a specialist energy broker or Third Party Intermediary is an efficient way to save time, money and get clarity on different providers and tariffs.

Why use an energy broker to buy business energy?

– Compare prices – A broker can compare business gas and electricity with your businesses specific needs in mind, helping you cut energy costs.

– Time savings –Switching business energy suppliers is a straightforward process, but a broker can save you the hassle by handling all the paperwork.

– Expertise – Brokers should give you an impartial understanding of the business energy market and of what’s required for your businesses specific needs.

– Monitoring – The best business energy deals last for fixed periods of time – a broker can actively monitor your account and help you make long-term savings.

For more details, contact Ricky Gawera on 0116 4888 758, or via

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