USN pitches new training aid to the industry

Epic Pro All-in-One enters the cycle market

USN is aiming to bring quick muscle recovery to the cycle market with its brand new Epic Pro All-In-One.

Working on the principle that what is eaten before, during and after cycle training is crucial for results, the Epic Pro All-In-One works at three of those stages, helping lactic acid during training, as well as containing anti-catabolic amino acids to prvent muscle breakdown during intensive exercise.

According to USN, Epic provides a combination of carbohydrates after training to replenish muscular glycogen levels to optimum levels, with protein to help body tissue recover and build.Fast acting nutrients are also included to help the body prepare for the next session.

The product is used by adding three scoops to water and then drunk within 30 minutes after an event or training session.

Lisa Picton, professional long distance triathlete and category winner of Ironman UK 2010, said: “The 30 – 45 minute window after training or events is crucial for a speedy recovery. During this timeframe, our body seeks to replace muscle glycogen, our first and main source of energy.”

Andy Chatterton, Multisport Athlete and Great Britain Age Group Triathlete, added: “I use Epic Pro all-in-one as it is the most convenient source for hydration, energy and recovery. I use it before, during and after exercise. In an athletes hectic schedule, it is great to just be able to reach for one product that ticks all the boxes.”

Epic Pro All-In-One in Tropical flavour costs £36.99 for 1kg. Click on for more details.

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