In a wake-up call to any cycle businesses which don't dispose of waste tyres in a responsible way, a Cheshire businessman has been fined £3000 after pleading guilty to two offences arising out of the transfer of thousands of waste vehicle tyres last year.

Environment Agency Wales successful in prosecuting tyre dumper

David McIntyre of Tennyson Road, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire appeared at Mold Magistrates Court on 15th January.

He was accused of dumping waste vehicle tyres from a site at Bumpers Lane, Chester to Deeside Industrial Park between 24 January and 6 February 2002.

Finding him guilty, Mold Magistrates Court fined him £1500 for failing to take reasonable measures to ensure that the tyres were transferred to an authorised person, and a further £1500 for failing to take reasonable measures to ensure that a written description of the waste was transferred. Both offences are in breach of Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

He was also ordered to pay costs of £2,429 to Environment Agency Wales who brought the prosecution.

McIntyre had acquired a site in Chester containing a large number of vehicle tyres and had arranged for more than 20 000 to be transferred to a third-party contractor, who had told him that they would be going to a yard at Birkenhead and then for export. However, he had failed to ensure that the appropriate documentation was in place to enable the movements of the waste to be tracked and had failed to check whether all the required documentation was in place to cover the transfer and the subsequent deposit of the tyres.

The contractor who McIntyre had paid to take the tyres did not have the necessary licence and registration, and the tyres ended dumped at Deeside Industrial Park, where they remain.

Speaking after the case an Environment Agency spokesperson said: "We are pleased with the result in this case. Individuals and companies have a duty of care when dealing with the disposal and transport of waste in compliance with the statutory regulations. We hope this case will strengthen that message and act as a deterrent to others."

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