ENVE launches SES road tyre collection

ENVE has launched the SES road tyre collection.

The tyres are available in four sizes, 700x 25c, 27c, 29c, and 31c, and are made for “everyday race performance”. The 25c and 29c tyres are now shipping and are available at ENVE Ride Centres and retail partners worldwide. The SES 27c and SES 31c tyres are set for delivery in early Q4 2020.

“Fundamental to our success at ENVE has been developing rim shapes that work optimally with the best tyres on the market,” said aerodynamicist Simon Smart. “That has led to constant evolution in rim shape over the last ten years, some of which is driven by rider feedback, and the rest by our recognition that it is possible to partially control tire shape through internal rim shape.

“Whilst we were driven to make our rims as stable and aerodynamically efficient as possible with other manufacturer’s tyres, there was always that thought that it would be better if we could have complete control over the tyre and rim.”

ENVE’s VP of product Jake Pantone added: “With the release of our SES road tyres, our SES wheel customers can now achieve additive aerodynamic gains and real-world performance by simply upgrading their tyres. ENVE has advanced road-tubeless rim design with the inclusion of the hookless-bead which allows us to consistently achieve the critical bead-seat dimensions required for reliable tubeless setups.

“However, the path hasn’t been without its hurdles as sometimes manufacturers have been behind the curve at which road-tubeless rim technology has advanced. So, aside from the on-road performance our new tyres deliver, the SES road tyres are constructed to guarantee a robust sealing interface and compatibility with our hooked and hookless rim designs alike.

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